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Cultural Routes

L'ETS The Columns offers multilingual, individual and group guided tours services, as well as in the sites managed by the same, in the historic center of the city ofToastsand in the village ofCarovigno.

Guided tours for families, schools and groups are available only upon reservation.

The ETS also plans special thematic visits and for specific categories such as scholars, tour operators and journalists who request them.




Thematic visits:

Brindisi, historic center


The itinerary includes a guided tour of the most important and representative sites of the city aiming to reconstruct the origins and evolution of the history of Brindisi.


Roman toast


The itinerary focuses on the importance of Brindisi's Roman origins with particular attention to the remains of this era which bear witness to one of the city's periods of greatest splendour.


Medieval toast


Tour in the historic center to retrace the main phases of the medieval era through the narration of monuments, churches and anecdotes.


Village of Carovigno


a visit through the alleys of the ancient and characteristic historic center of the town whose history is intertwined with those of the great families who stayed there

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