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Being promoted since 2015 in synergy with the Municipality of Brindisi, it is a permanent educational project aiming to enhance respect and protection of the historical and artistic heritage of the city. Students of all levels, led by qualified guides and by their teachers, take possession of the city's cultural assets by "adopting them". The symbolic adoption implies care, attention and responsibility towards what represents the most precious and everlasting bond between human beings and their civilization.

We carry out this project as we usually do by sharing valuable information with participants, listening to requests, proposing insights "on the field" and then passing the baton to the students of being the “beauty ambassador” of their territory. 


The project launched in 2022 reflects the principles of the Faro Convention. It stems from the perception over the years that there was still something unexplored about the history of Brindisi. We understood that the missing piece was represented by the stories of the citizens themselves, who are witnesses of that particular story that cannot be handed down except through the voice of the generations that follow one another, teachers the former, apprentices the latter, of what is known as “tradition”.


We have therefore devised a path that provides for an exchange in which the great history, preserved by bibliographic sources, is compared and enriched by the unwritten details known by the local population, true revealers of the sense of belonging and identity of a place.


"Identity," "Tradition,” and “Economy” were the topics dealt with in the first edition; the modality was that of a "walk," a guided tour in "several voices," in which everyone treasured the narration of the other.

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The project was born in Naples in 2016 and was re-proposed in Matera and Procida in the following years. ETS Le Colonne imports the project for Brindisi starting in 2019, having to interrupt the organizational process due to the COVID-19 pandemic subsequently, and resumes the project in 2023, proposing itself as a model for the enhancement of cities with a 'bottom-up' process capable of producing value for the citizens and workers of the community and, at the same time, for the "temporary citizen".


The participants, thanks to the deepening of their knowledge of the historical heritage first and then of conscious appropriation, become the first promoters of the cultural richness that distinguishes Brindisi, managing to share valuable and timely information for those who visit the city. The goal is to make the participants aware of their town’s beauty while creating a widespread hospitality community.

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