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Professional services for cultural heritage

Ets Le Colonne comprises professionals in archeology and cultural heritage, graduates in modern languages ​​and tour guides certified by the Puglia Region. It makes use of the skills of professional photographers and web designers.

Since 2012 we have provided specialized services for enhancing and promoting historical and architectural assets to local authorities and municipalities.   

The ten-year experience in the sector allows us to offer services with a high degree of customization that fully respect the specific features of the places.

Our services:

Cultural Design

Tourist map design

Starting from the identification of points of interest to the elaboration of the route 

Graphics for cultural heritage 

We can handle the entire process, from creating professional photographs to the creation of graphics for tourist information panels, maps, brochures, websites and apps


Our team, competent in ancient and contemporary history, creates brochures and descriptive panels respecting the authenticity of the sources and making the information easy to understand for the public to which they addresse



The professional translation service offered by our experts, graduates in Languages ​​and Translation, aims at expanding the public through a transfer of specific knowledge mediated by a human translation into the main European languages

Management and 
valorisation planning

Audience Development Strategy 

we support the retention of existing audiences with the development of new audiences through:

- audience involvement: workshops for children, events for adults, family groups and specific audiences;

- audience analysis: constant monitoring of data collected through user feedback;

- audience outreach: public involvement with activities outside the site that aim to introduce the place even before the visit



 Competent in school and museum teaching, we offer learning activities according to the most cutting-edge methods. We also accompany the institutions that use our consultancy and collaboration to build a school-territory relationship that underlies the growth of aware citizens. (visit the “Educational Services” section)


Organization of Exhibitions and Events 

Organization and support for cultural initiatives and events, presentation of books, concerts, shows and events


Communication strategies 

Press office, marketing and communication and management of social profiles


Services for libraries and media libraries

- Inventory and cataloging of book assets

- management of the consultation and loan service

- planning and implementation of  activities aimed at promoting the library heritage

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